"Julie had a pointed question for Aaryn. Did she ever forget that the cameras were on her? Like, say, when she said certain statements that might be considered insensitive by anyone who knows what the definition of “insensitive’ is? “I don’t forget,” responded Aaryn, chilly. “I just am a very open person. Everyone who’s here knows a lot about me, and so does America now.” Julie: “Yes. We all do.”
Seems that people in the Big Brother house are having the same conversations we’re all having about Aaryn. Several of the houseguests assembled outside one evening. Howard regaled a story about Aaryn telling a typically high-larious joke about the black fish and the white fish and the fish tank being segregated, ha ha ha. Howard is a genial dude, but when he talked about that, you could see him holding in all sorts of emotions. Amanda told him Aaryn just wasn’t educated, which is a nice way of saying “Stupid.” Judd told him, quite rightly: “People see it, you know?”
Amanda went up to Aaryn to talk to her. She figured Aaryn should know what people were saying about her. This was a kind move, considering that Amanda generally seems almost incapable of being in the same room as Aaryn. She was gentle. “I get that you’re joking. People who are a different race are taking it offensively.”
Aaryn had an extremely thoughtful response. “That’s the most obnoxious, annoying thing I’ve ever heard. I’m not even gonna acknowledge it because it’s the biggest joke.” She made a farting noise. She whined. “They call me Barbie, and all sorts of s—- being blonde all the time. What’s the difference?” Indeed! Who among us didn’t learn in school about the long history of Attractive Blonde People being persecuted? “I wish I cared more about this, but I don’t.” So, to recap: Aaryn cares more about some random unemployed lifeguard dude that she knew for a week than she cares about the long history of non-white people being persecuted just because they aren’t white. Terminator robots sent back from the future to destroy the human race have more empathy than Aaryn."


I’m sorry, I just had to post this excerpt from EW’s article on last night’s Big Brother.

I HATE Aaryn. It’s very rare for me to hate someone this much. She is a horrible, horrible person, and I’m glad America get’s to see it. I’m glad she’s been fired from her modeling agency, and her magazine job for the things she’s said. I can’t believe how awful she is.